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18 10 2014

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A date, a new location, and registration is open!

28 07 2014

The 3rd installment of EdcampOU will be on October 18, 2014. This year, we’re moving across campus to Pawley Hall (number 1 on the campus map found here) home of the OU Department of Education.

Registration is open, spread the word and bring a friend or two!

The State Board Will Be There!

3 10 2013

We’re proud to announce that this year, EdcampOU will feature a panel discussion during the 1:45 session with members of the Michigan State Board of Education! It will be an opportunity for educators to ask questions, offer opinions, and hear directly from those working in Lansing helping to make education policy for our state.

Joining us for the session, moderated by John Bernia, will be John Austin, Casandra Ulbrich, Michelle Fectu and Kathleen Straus.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Registration is Open

29 06 2013

The planning is under way, and already, there are exciting ideas being suggested about possible presentation topics, panel discussions, and invitations that will make our second EdcampOU even more exciting that the first!

Registration is open! Be sure to reserve your spot.


Save the Date!

22 04 2013

We’re excited to announce that EdcampOU, part 2 will come to the campus of Oakland University on October 26, 2013!

Mark your calendars, we look forward to seeing you.

Tomorrow is the day!

26 10 2012

EdcampOU is set for tomorrow! Cars are filled with tote bags, prizes, and all sorts of exciting items.

The official hashtag for tomorrow is #edcampou.

If you are curious about an edcamp guidebook, you can find one here.

If you want to plan lunch with a friend, here is a list of local restaurants.

For edcampOU to succeed, we need your ideas! Come ready to facilitate, present, and collaborate!

Tell Me More

6 10 2012

E-mails, flyers, tweets, and word of mouth advertising are spreading the word, but some questions remain about EdcampOU. Below you will find some key information which will be helpful for those who have never attended or heard of an Edcamp before.

Participants are critical! The educators attending Edcamp plan the conference and facilitate sessions. Our day will begin in Oakland University’s Oakland Center where we will collaborate on the schedule for the day. From there, we will break out into sessions.

Session topics will be wide ranging and may include ideas about:

  • Instructional technology
  • Classroom management
  • Common Core Standards
  • Teacher leadership
  • Evaluation
  • Reader’s/writer’s/math workshop
  • Standards based grading
  • Student Motivation
  • Something that you would like to share/are passionate about/want to collaborate on

The above list is not comprehensive, there are many more brilliant ideas that will be shared on October 27. In addition, there will  be multiple opportunities to network and connect with other educators from around the area.

Some other key information to know:

  • Bring your own technology for the day.
  • Our Twitter hashtag will be #edcampou.
  • Coffee will be served in the morning, but you are “on your own” for lunch.
  • We cannot wait to see you there!


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